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Fundación Capital es una organización organización internacional de desarrollo que promueve la ciudadanía económica a escala y a nivel global. Para ello, trabajamos junto con el sector público y el privado en el diseño, desarrollo e implementación de soluciones innovadoras que ayuden a la gente en situación vulnerable a: 1) acceder a servicios e información; 2) fortalecer sus activos y sus medios de vida, y 3) desarrollar capacidades e intercambiar conocimiento.
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Fundación Capital works to improve the financial lives of people living in poverty around the world,

partnering with governments and the private sector to design and deliver

solutions that increase economic prospects for millions.


countries in which we are present


millions of people reached


partners from the public and private sectors


colleagues from 22 different countries

Rosa María Pérez | Mexico

“Thanks to the training, I found out I’m able to organize joint shopping with other women to get discounts. This way, we all manage to save!”

Sol Altamar | Colombia

“I fulfilled my dream: opening my own shop. Now I know how to manage my business and invest my money to keep it growing.”

María Isabel Sánchez | Mexico

“I’ve learned a lot and I feel more confident. Now I can manage my budget, and I’ve discovered how to save every month.”

Cecilia López | Paraguay

“I did not want to talk in public because I was shy, now I am more open and I gain space in society, I already know how to express myself before people.”

Patricia Duarte | Paraguay

“The program encourages me to organize and keep my business organized. I learned a lot from the workshops and it improved the wellbeing of my family. I feel a really big change.”

Liliam Xiomara Valenzuela | Honduras

“After learning with LISTA, I borrowed a bread oven and started selling bread. This covers my expenses and allows me to save time to spend it with my family”

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