Foto de Nota B_ Radio
Dec. 11. 2014

Reaching every household with the message of saving

Radio as a medium of financial education in Bolivia.

Nov. 25. 2014

Promoting Savings Beyond Social Responsibility

An event about savings with low-income population.

Nov. 1. 2014

As go rural women, so goes society.

The International Rural Women´s day, Agripina Perea and Any Benítez joined UN Women to talk about women´s financial empowerment.

Foto de Nota B- videos boliviaFoto de Nota A- Videos Bolivia
Sep. 19. 2014

Short documentaries about financial education in Bolivia.

Five videos with financial education topics were filmed in the city of El Alto.

Foto de Nota B- juegoFoto de Nota - Juego A
Sep. 8. 2014

Co-creating a Video Game with young people in Brazil.

The Renda Melhor Jovem program uses video games to provide financial education to young people.

Aug. 29. 2014

“I had three daily moneylenders…I had to borrow from one to pay another”

Doña Luz, a participant in the Producing for My Future project shares her story of credit, savings and entrepreneurship

Aug. 21. 2014

Social Innovation: the breakthrough we need?

More than a trend, integrating business innovation with social causes is changing the way development works

Aug. 8. 2014

How savings groups are transforming rural banking

Avoiding debt empowers low-income families to improve their financial future.

Jul. 30. 2014

Global Perspective: Paraguay

Partnerships key a big push for financial inclusion in Paraguay

Jul. 24. 2014

How the extreme poor define their own way out of poverty

Meet Greta Palma, whose story proves that with the right opportunity, the extreme poor control their own destinies.

Jul. 16. 2014

Photo Gallery: The Graduation Program in Colombia & Brazil

Documenting the Graduation Program's comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation for the most vulnerable