Juan Navarrete - Fundación Capital
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Juan Navarrete

Director of Financial Inclusion


Juan Navarrete is Fundación Capital’s director of financial inclusion, in charge of developing projects that promote access to and use of formal financial services among populations at the base of the pyramid, particularly recipients of conditional cash transfers. Juan has worked on evaluating the impact of financial inclusion on excluded populations. He is interested in gaining a thorough understanding of their needs so as to bring financial institutions closer to them through innovative products and services that are relevant to human development. Juan worked for several years as an independent consultant, collaborating on projects in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia, and was a public servant with the Development Bank in Mexico. He holds a master’s in development studies from Oxford and a BA in economics from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico.


Searching for disruptive solutions to inclusion #FinancialInclusion #Digital #Innovation