Alba Beatriz Roncancio - Fundación Capital
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Alba Beatriz Roncancio

Consultant for the Financial Inclusion Division


At Fundación Capital, Alba Beatriz Roncancio provides support to the financial inclusion division for projects involving governments and donors in El Salvador and Honduras. She studied business administration with an emphasis on social projects. She has experience in business start-up and strengthening for rural, urban, Afro and indigenous women and a background in community participation and management, in particular for women’s organizational processes. She also has experience in initiating, training and strengthening solidarity economy organizations and in financial education for low-income women and participants of conditional cash transfer programs. Alba is a steadfast defender of human rights, women’s rights and domestic violence prevention.


#Contribute to making my country and world better. My mission is to continue to support all initiatives aimed at achieving #true social and gender equality.