THE OUTREACH PROJECT - Fundación Capital
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The Outreach Project works with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to enhance its innovation agenda for financial inclusion and opportunities for strengthening livelihoods. We are achieving this through collaboration with IFAD and its projects in Africa and by adapting our experiences and successes in Latin America to the contexts and needs in Africa.

This will also help to facilitate a dialogue on IFAD policies in Africa through South-South and triangular cooperation between African governments and LAC. The focus will be on the use of evidence pertaining to proven mechanisms in Latin America for the development of graduation programs linked to wide scale social protection and financial inclusion programs, and on offering support to African governments in the development of similar processes.


Countries of implementation: Tanzania, Mozambique, the Gambia


Key dates:

September 2015. Operations in Tanzania begin

February 2016. Visit to the Gambia for launch

February 2016. Operations in Mozambique begin

September 2016. Central Bank of the Gambia officials visit Kenya for learning purposes

November 2016. Strengthening Livelihoods Workshop held in Maputo



To improve the effectiveness of operational and policy dialogue for financial inclusion and livelihood strengthening strategies, for the benefit of rural families living in poverty.



Technical assistance and strategic support

South-south knowledge exchange on subjects related to inclusive finance and comprehensive public policies using the Graduation Approach

Promotion of new partnership and alliance opportunities

Knowledge management



Technical assistance for the design of social protection programs in Tanzania and Mozambique

Support given to the Central Bank of the Gambia during a visit to learn how to develop regulations for mobile banking


Key partners:

IFAD, TASAF (Tanzania), INAS (Mozambique)


Phase: Design