GRADUACIÓN MÉXICO - Fundación Capital
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After finishing the design phase, and in collaboration with “PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program” (the main government program of conditional cash transfers, which reaches 7 million households), the pilot project “De la Mano con PROSPERA” (Hand in Hand with PROSPERA) started in September 2016 with 400 participants located in two different municipalities: Coyuca de Benítez (Guerrero) and Amealco de Bonfil (Querétaro).
The project seeks to help PROSPERA recipients living in extreme poverty in rural areas overcome the minimum welfare line in a sustainable manner, strengthen their productive inclusion, reduce the number of social deprivations they face, assess their own capabilities, and ultimately improve their well-being


To achieve these objectives, a 24-month intervention was designed and six components will be introduced:

  • Food security;
  • productive assets;
  • promotion of savings;
  • mentorship and training;
  • improvement of their households;
  • and strengthening of social capital.

98.5% of the project participants are women, and approximately half of them belong to the Otomi indigenous population. For them, the fact that the project provides knowledge and cash in their hands so that they can initiate or strengthen their own productive activity contributes to their empowerment and increases their resilience and self-esteem.
The implementation of the pilot phase will end in July 2018 and from now the National Coordination of PROSPERA decided to turn the project into the first link of the new National Productive Inclusion Strategy that is being designed, opening the way for its possible expansion.