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The objective of the pilot project “Avanzando con mi negocio” (Moving Forward With My Business) was to provide support to a group of micro entrepreneurs in vulnerable situations from rural and semi urban zones, helping them boost their income thanks to training through a digital tablet and personalized support from local project managers. This pilot project was implemented between June 2016 and July 2017 in the municipality of Colón, in the department of Querétaro.


This project was developed jointly with EmpreDiem and was financed by Compartamos Banco through Fundación Gentera.


Countries of Implementation: Mexico


Key Dates:

June 2016: start of the project and setting up of the implementation.

December 2016: starting trainings in the field.

June 2017: closing events.



  • Income and productive activities. Monthly income from productive activities doubled (Base line: 2,711 MXN. Starting lin: 5,465 MXN). The number of people reporting having as main source of income a home productive activity increased (Baseline: 16 %. Ending point: 46%)
  • Personal finance and business management. The number of participants reporting separating household accounts from business accounts increased (Base line: 36.7 %. Ending point: 76.6 %). The number of people noticing the difference between fixed and variable expenses increased (Base line: 30.2 %. Ending point: 83.18 %). The number of people reporting not managing business number decreased (Base line: 60.8 %. Ending point: 27 %)
  • Empowerment and life-skills. The percentage of participants declaring knowing their strengths incremented (Base line: 52 %. Ending point: 94 %). The percentage of participants reporting having life goals and knowing how to reach them increased (Base line: 50.4 %. Ending point: 9.6 %)
  • The project had great success among its participants. 140 entrepreneurs joined the program, 126 of them finished it with success, completing all the activities and the 16 modules of training.
  • The joint use of tools and training methodologies was the key to success. Constant support from the local project managers made possible a personalized learning process for each entrepreneur. The use of digital tablets and the interaction with AppTitude was a training tool which promoted learning processes in a fun way. Workshops in groups helped strengthening the social capital and the ties of trust among participants, thus leading to a good environment in which to share experiences and lessons.  


Key Partners: Compartamos Banco, EmpreDiem