A DOOR TO THE FUTURE - Fundación Capital
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Una Puerta al Futuro (A Door to the Future) is a game for PCs that familiarizes youth aged 16 to 20 with concepts regarding practices and tools for saving, formal saving, consumer rights and life planning, in a fun and accessible way. It will be used as official educational material—approved by Bolivia’s Ministry of Education—in public schools nationwide, and is one of the first financial education initiatives in the region to use digital and interactive methods.


Countries of implementation: Bolivia


Key dates:
December 2014: Proposal and approval of the project
January 2015–December 2016: Development of the application (scripts, audiovisuals, programming, testing)
June–September 2016: Studies and technical recommendations for a savings account for youth
October 2016–March 2017: Review and approval of the game by the Ministry of Education


  • To facilitate access to digital and interactive financial education for youth aged 16 to 20 in public schools in Bolivia.
  • To offer youth (both under and over the age of majority) the possibility to save money in a bank using a savings account adapted to their needs.


Methodology: Surveys and conceptualization; development of materials (scripts and audiovisuals); constant validation (iterative development).


100 youth involved in program pilot

GOLD Version (“final” version) of the game ready to be installed on computers in March 2017.


Key partners: Banco Unión, Ministry of Education


Phase: Implementation of the pilot