OUR HISTORY - Fundación Capital
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Fundación Capital was born from an idea as simple as it is powerful: What would happen if government conditional cash transfers went straight into savings accounts, instead of being handed out in cash? What would happen if we connected social protection systems to mechanisms for financial inclusion?

From there the ideas have only grown. What happens if you hand out tablets pre-loaded with an application specially designed to help rural women living in poverty build their financial skills and self-esteem? What happens if you partner with governments and financial institutions to design electronic wallets and address head-on common myths that keep people from saving? Or if you provide entrepreneurship training and seed capital to families living in extreme poverty?

These questions have led us across countries and continents, starting in two countries in Latin America and now expanding into 15+ countries around the world.

Our search for answers have led us to partnerships with governments, financial institutions, fintech startups, local communities, and many others. And we’re still asking, because the work is not done, because we want to see the answer to our biggest question of all…

What happens when poverty no longer exists, and everyone is a full economic citizen, shaping their own societies and futures?

Our values:


Cuando te gusta lo que haces, se nota. Nuestro trabajo es nuestra pasión y también nuestro compromiso.


Para nosotros, la escala es una cuestión vital porque crecer significa cambiar las vidas de mucha más gente.


Porque es justo cambiar el grotesco equilibrio reinante, que condena a la pobreza a millones de personas.


Nos centramos en los resultados y medimos nuestro impacto para asegurar la eficacia de nuestros programas e iniciativas.


Lejos de ser algo teórico e intangible, la innovación es algo muy real y con potencial para cambiar las vidas de la gente.


¡Solo no puedes, con amigos sí! Buscamos siempre nuevos socios y aliados que nos inspiren y ayuden a impulsar nuestro trabajo.