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At Fundación Capital, our way of facing the challenge of poverty head-on is through economic citizenship on a global scale. We have chosen this route because when people are economic citizens, the impact goes far beyond individuals: they cease to be passive beneficiaries and become active participants in their communities, where they are capable of shaping their lives and future. In 2017, we worked tirelessly to advance this concept and introduce it into political agendas around the globe. A world full of economic citizens is a world that has no place for poverty—one that is more inclusive and egalitarian.

With this goal in mind, we work together with the public and private sectors to design, develop and implement innovative solutions for vulnerable segments of society. Aimed at improving their access to services, information, and knowledge, strengthening their assets and livelihoods and helping them develop their capabilities, these solutions build resilience and improve their chances of rising out of poverty for good.

At Fundación Capital we don’t just work on projects, we create comprehensive solutions for eradicating poverty on a massive scale.

We provide the following:

  • Advice and guidance for developing public policy, programs and initiatives that advance the financial, social and economic inclusion of people living in poverty and vulnerable situations.
  • Innovative solutions and new technologies for developing capabilities and opening up opportunities in a cost-efficient manner and on a massive scale.
  • Implementation of policies, solutions, and methodologies that help people at the base of the pyramid improve, grow and protect their assets.


Active in many Latin American countries, in Africa, and in Asia, our initiatives have already helped more than 6 million people.

Más sobre ciudadanía económica:

Our team is organized around three main areas:



The challenges facing families living in poverty, such as a highly volatile and low incomes, contribute to their vulnerability in the face of crises and unforeseen events, and ultimately hinder their ability to find their own path out of poverty. Financial Inclusion is important for these households because it helps to increase their economic security and promote their development. Our Financial Inclusion area works to bring formerly excluded sectors into the financial system through tools, policies and the development of capabilities, so that they can access and use a wide range of products and services designed for their needs and capable of reducing their vulnerability.

Social and
Livelihoods Promotion

Social protection programs were developed to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society had access to a minimum level of wellbeing. Within these programs the promotion component focuses on building assets and creating links to improve the livelihoods of people living in poverty. Our Social and Livelihoods Promotion area focuses on this, working to increase the resiliency of those living in poverty, reduce their dependency on social security systems, and ultimately help them to build their own path forward sustainably and on their own terms.



Our Digital Solutions department designs, develops, and implements methodologies and strategies based on Information and Communications Technology (ICTs), capable of helping to achieve financial inclusion and economic citizenship at scale. Via custom designed tools we help people living in poverty to build assets and develop financial capabilities that support them in their path out of poverty. These tools also contribute to greater levels of equality and scale, as well as reduced cost, in program implementation.