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Last Thursday, February 8th, we attended the “More for the People” event, organized by Gentera, a Mexican group specialized in microfinance. During 2017, more than 19,000 people benefited from the Gentera Foundation’s projects, which include basic and financial education for children and adults. The event brought together all the grantees of the Gentera Foundation and some of its beneficiaries.

Alejandro Puente, Gentera’s director of External Relations, explained during the event that the firm grants two percent of its annual net profits to various social actions that are organized by its foundation. By 2018, he added, they hope to benefit at least the same number of people as in 2017; “We want to be more efficient, that is, to be able to reach a greater number of people with the same resources”.

We are proud to have Gentera as a partner and ally in Mexico, and their support has been critical to the development of the pilot project “Avanzando con mi Negocio” (Moving forward with my business), in which we have the support of EmpreDiem and Compartamos Banco, through Gentera Foundation.

This innovative project aimed to provide support to a group of vulnerable microentrepreneurs living in rural and semi-urban areas, aiming to increase their income through a tablet training scheme and with the personalized support of local managers. The pilot was implemented between June 2016 and July 2017 in the municipality of Colón, Querétaro, and the results obtained were very positive.

“Moving Forward with my Business” managed to link 140 entrepreneurs, of whom 126 successfully completed the program, fulfilling all the proposed activities and carrying out the 16 training modules. The participants significantly improved their income from productive activities and changes were shown in their financial behavior.

The joint use of training tools and innovative methodologies was the key to success. The constant accompaniment of local managers made possible a personalized learning process adapted to the specific needs of each entrepreneur. The use of tablets and the interaction with APPtitude promoted learning in a playful and dynamic way. The realization of some group workshops helped to strengthen the social capital and the bonds of trust between the participants, promoting experiences and learning exchanges.

Do you want to know more about this project? Download this infographic with all the results!

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