Fundación Capital: Ten Years

Early Days

Fundación Capital was founded with the vision of transforming the lives of millions of people in poverty through the power of partnerships and a vision for scale.

Financial Inclusion at Scale

We expanded the geographic footprint of Proyecto Capital, a financial inclusion initiative, and adopted a holistic approach to address policy, supply and demand.

Addressing Extreme Poverty

We began adapting the successful "Graduation Approach" to the Latin American context, embedding it into government social protection systems.

Technology for Good

We launched our first digital solution, the LISTA initiative in Colombia, using a tablet-based app to build the financial capabilities of low-income women.

Sharing our Story

We were featured in the documentary film "Disruption" realizing the importance of changing perceptions about poverty and women's economic empowerment.

Broadening our Horizons

We received the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, launching it onto the global stage and linking it to an international network of social entrepreneurs.

Going Global

We took our first steps on the African continent, hiring a local team and exploring opportunities to support productive and financial inclusion.

Diversifying Partnerships

We decided to decentralize and diversify, strengthening local offices and going beyond philanthropy to engage public and private sector funders.

Expanding our Network

We received recognition from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, as well as from Ashoka and USAID, opening doors to new partners and collaborators.

Data-Driven Solutions

We integrated a data-driven and evidence-based approach, leveraging insights from impact evaluations to guide the design of future interventions.

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