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One of the actions the project “Active Youth for the Renewal of the Territory and Peacebuilding” is carrying out is the identification of collective and individual initiatives, in rural or urban areas, led locally, regionally or nationally by young people.

These initiatives are principally found in the territories where the project is being implemented: Montes de María, Norte del Cauca and Catatumbo, and aim to have a positive impact in their communities. Fundación Capital is giving them visibility through an interactive map included in the crowdfunding platform Little Big Money (LBM). We are providing young people with a new tool: an interactive space which could potentially incentivize the growth of their projects.

The mapping of initiatives started on the 1st of August, 2017 and will be available until June of 2018. Since its start, 115 initiatives have been identified, mainly focused on issues like agriculture, culture and art, sports or the environment, among others.

It should be highlighted that 96% of these initiatives are of a collective nature. Most of them are included in the categories of art and culture, sports or education, and their objective is generally related to the individual development of young people and the integration into communities, as well as the reconstruction of the social fabric in their territories.

With this interactive map we are offering another tool from the project Active Youth to young people in Colombia. These tools aim to provide mechanisms which help youths build their future, confront difficulties and strengthen themselves from their community. The project Active Youth includes the app ‘Tonces! and its online community, where young people can share experiences and advice, and find a vocation based on their strengths.

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