Luis Calvo - Fundación Capital
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Luis Calvo

Country Representative for Bolivia


Luis Calvo is Fundación Capital’s representative in Bolivia, where for four years he has led the foundation’s financial inclusion activities and built alliances with various financial and government institutions. He is a microfinance expert, specializing in the areas of financial and social assessment, product development, strategic planning, microfinance and natural disasters, sector analysis and financial education. He has directly collaborated on projects in Argentina, Bolivia and Haiti, and indirectly on initiatives at the regional level. Luis was on the board of directors of Sembrar Sartawi, a leading rural microfinance institution in Bolivia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economic and social administration, a graduate diploma in international cooperation from the University of Toulouse in France, and a master’s in microfinance from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium.


I want to bring new ideas to old problems, and get to know the box really well so that I can think outside of it.