Austine Gasnier - Fundación Capital
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Austine Gasnier

Resident Representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


Austine Gasnier is Fundación Capital’s resident representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, where she promotes and coordinates the foundation’s work in the field of productive and financial inclusion. Austine is an expert in microentrepreneurship and the Graduation model in particular, and is highly skilled at designing and implementing projects in the field. Prior to working at Fundación Capital, Austine spent five years at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in New York where she analyzed inclusive business case studies and contributed to several publications on the subject. Austine has a master’s in political science from Sciences Po Bordeaux in France.


Trying to give back after all the privileges my life has offered me by helping the most disadvantaged to improve theirs #SocialJustice #Inclusion