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In Mexico we are working with the PROSPERA conditional cash transfers program to develop initiatives aimed at achieving financial inclusion for its participants through the Comprehensive Financial Inclusion Program (Spanish acronym PROIIF). The goal of these efforts is to reach out to a universe of nearly seven7 million program recipients and their families.

One of the most important activities to date consists of technical support during the adaptation of financial education materials developed by BANSEFI, which have been used to assist approximately one million recipients so far to date. Approximately one million more recipients will be assisted during 2017 with new and improved materials. We have also developed thematic capsules for each of the products offered by BANSEFI (about saving, credit, insurance and digital mediums) to be used throughout 2017 at bimonthly customer service desks organized as part of the program.

We also adapted the online course Orientación Financiera Exprés (Financial Orientation Express, or OFE), aimed training at PROSPERA’s operational staff as a way to train them in financial inclusion.

As participants of the interinstitutional network currently collaborating on the design and implementation of the PROSPERA DIGITAL project, we are part of the team that conceived and designed a two-way communication strategy via cellphones as a way to promote saving. Devised by Ideas42, this project used the platform Rapid Pro to send ad hoc messages to incentivize saving. In the pilot phase, this project seeks to reach different social classes, personalizing messages according to distinct needs (not only in terms of the characteristics of people’s homes but also their transactional possibilities).

In addition, we have formalized partnerships with other private organizations that support the efforts of PROSPERA; specifically, we collaborated with BBVA-Bancomer to adapt the financial education materials Adelante con tu Futuro (Move Your Future Forward) so that PROSPERA recipients may widen their knowledge of the financial services that are within their reach.

We are currently in the process of adapting and localizing LISTA Initiative contents which will be validated for a subsequent scale up that expects to reach more than 10,000 families. This work is being carried out thanks to the financial support of the Organization of American States and USAID-Mercy Corps.

Países de Implementación:  Mexico

Fechas Clave:

  • Jan 2015: Support for PROSPERA in financial education content development and review of the financial inclusion strategy for PROIIF participants begins.
  • Apr 2015: Concept evaluation with PROSPERA program participants and development of financial education capsules for the program’s customer service desks.
  • May 2016: Development of the online course Orientación Financiera Exprés for PROSPERA staff.
  • Sep 2016: Adaptation of methodology and BBVA-Bancomer (Adelante con tu Futuro) financial education materials for PROSPERA program participants.
  • Jan 2017: Adaptation and localization of the LISTA Initiative for Mexico begins.



Financial inclusion among participants of social programs that make conditional cash transfers.


Analysis focused on participants and the target population so that those affected by public policy become key players in the procedures and are able to freely make decisions regarding their own development.

Use of interactive methodologies and “pocket education” (a format designed as a quick and easy way to understand how finances work and how to manage them) as a way for people to improve understanding, develop abilities and confidence and make informed decisions.



  • Adaptation and improvement of PROIIF financial education materials used to assist one million participants by the end of 2016.
  • Development of financial education capsules on four topics: saving, going into debt responsibly, insurance and digital mediums. These capsules will be offered at the bimonthly PROIIF customer service desks and are expected to reach another million PROSPERA participants.
  • Adaptation of the online course Orientación Financiera Exprés for PROSPERA staff.
  • Adaptation of BBVA-Bancomer financial education materials (Adelante con tu Futuro) aimed at the population receiving assistance from PROSPERA.


Key partners:

PROSPERA, Ideas42, Organización de Estados Americanos, USAID-MercyCorps

Related projects: Proyecto Capital, LISTA, Alcanza tus Metas, Guardianes del Ahorro.