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In Guatemala we work with the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), the agency in charge of institutionalizing social protection and establishing the payment of the conditional cash transfer program “Mi Bono Seguro”, in the opening of savings accounts for 765,000 users.


We have collaborated with the government in a series of studies and diagnoses on financial inclusion in the country and collect the preferences and needs of the participants of the CCT program. The findings of these documents served to fuel the design of a financial education model called “Five talks for a better life”, which was validated through a field pilot in which more than 1,400 women participated.


Countries of implementation:  Guatemala


Key dates:

  • August 2012. Country diagnostics and profiling.
  • November 2012. Knowledge exchange event between the governments of Guatemala and Colombia, and signing of the cooperation agreement.
  • April – August 2013. Qualitative assessment of needs: ethnographies in households in 24 different municipalities.
  • September 2013. Experimental economics study.
  • July – December 2014. Implementation of the financial education program “Five talks for a better life”.
  • November 2014. Opening of a banking correspondent in the municipality of Villa Nueva.


Financial Inclusion of participants in Social Programs that make Conditional Cash Transfers.



  • Face-to-face education delivered through “guide mothers” or leaders in the communities.
  • Peer-to-peer learning.
  • Institutional alignment: dissemination of coherent information by the different institutional actors.
  • Advocacy with the Microfinance, Cooperatives and Banks sector to raise awareness on financial inclusion issues.



  • 70% of the participants in the projects opened their savings account and started using it
  • 600 women leaders were trained.
  • Accompaniment to the first stage of banking of the recipients of Mi Bono Seguro.
  • Design, testing and implementation of a financial education strategy called “Five Talks for a Better Life”, using peer-to-peer learning and differential approach for indigenous communities, and directly impacting 1 408 participants.


Key Partners:
Ministerio de Desarrollo Social (MIDES), Fundación Cimientos.


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