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For over eight years we have worked in Colombia with Prosperidad Social (Social Prosperity) and Banca de las Oportunidades (Bank of Opportunities), entities of the  Colombian government responsible for social inclusion and financial inclusion, respectively. Based on lessons learned during implementation of the pilot program in 2010, which reached more than 35,000 families, and on studies of the financial behavior of target populations, we co-designed a scale up to reach more than 300,000 families receiving conditional cash transfers through the program Más Familias en Acción (More Families in Action). This strategy combined both alternative and mass communications with institutional alignment. In addition, Social Prosperity adopted LISTA as public policy in 2015 and brought the initiative to nearly 100,000 families.


We are currently working with the Colombian government to design financial inclusion initiatives aimed at facilitating access for those who continue to be excluded from financial services (a large segment of the population belonging to the UNIDOS network, for example) and at encouraging those who have gained access to savings accounts or electronic wallets to use these financial services effectively. Together with our partners we are also developing strategies to reduce the use of cash (and to encourage electronic payments), as well as strategies specific to youth recipients of the program Jóvenes en Acción (Youth in Action) and to indigenous peoples.


Countries of implementation:  Colombia


Key dates:

  • June 2010: Programa para la Promoción de la Cultura del Ahorro (Program for the Promotion of Savings Culture, or PPCA) launched
  • September 2012: First LISTA pilot
  • September 2014: Bank of Opportunities campaign En Tu Cuenta Cada Peso Cuenta (Every Peso Counts in Your Account) launched; financial education via alternative and mass media
  • June 2015: Social Prosperity begins scaling up the LISTA Initiative
  • August 2016: Design of the third scale-up phase of Proyecto Capital begins, with a roundtable with Social Prosperity and the Bank of Opportunities


GoalsThe financial inclusion of vulnerable populations participating in social programs (Más Familias en Acción, UNIDOS, Jóvenes en Acción and indigenous peoples).


MethodologyAlternative and mass media (radio, television, theater and film, leaflets, LISTA app for tablets); internal channels (institutional alignment videos, SMS, posters for regional offices and banking correspondents).



  • 2.3 million families now receive their CCTs via a financial instrument (savings account or electronic purse)
  • 440,000 families have participated in the various financial capabilities training programs


Key partnersSocial Prosperity, Bank of Opportunities, Davivienda-DaviPlata, Banco Agrario


Phase: Design of third scale-up phase


Related projects: LISTA, Proyecto Capital