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Guardianes del Ahorro (Guardians of Savings) is a game for children aged 6 to 9. In it, these little explorers must scale a pyramid where each step represents a challenge in a process that allows them to discover the possibilities that arise from saving, learn to control their spending, set collective goals and even become aware of the need to care for the environment. Guardianes del Ahorro is part of the financial education strategy aimed at families participating in the PROSPERA government conditional cash transfer program in Mexico. It combines challenges, stories and interactive games, comes installed on tablets that do not require an internet connection, and includes an accompanying  workbook.  


Countries of implementation: Mexico


Key dates:

April 2015: Concept evaluation in the field

June 2015: Development of a prototype for tablets

September 2015: Testing of the prototype in the field

January 2016: Development of the app


Objectives: To transmit knowledge about saving, collective goals and caring for the environment to children aged 6 to 9.


Methodology: Co-creation; Informacion Communications Technology (ICTs), teaching to improve understanding; gamification (the use of game elements, techniques and dynamics in non-recreational activities) as a way to teach complex subjects in a fun and accessible manner.



The test phase involved approximately 75 children and showed how they were able to identify other opportunities for saving while also reinforcing those learned in the home.


Key partners: SWIFT


Phase: Scale up

Related projects: PK Mexico