EDUCHEF - Fundación Capital
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EduChef is a game designed to teach young people aged 16 to 24 key concepts around personal finance through starting up and managing a restaurant. The game was co-designed using the contributions and requests of young people in Brazil and Colombia to ensure that it would meet their needs and tastes. Each EduChef player is in charge of his or her own restaurant business and must deal with daily financial situations, such as opening an account to save money, protect assets and help them grow, and investing wisely, in order to go to the next level and reach the goals. Version 1.0 is available to download onto smartphones, and Version 2.0 is anticipated mid 2017.


Countries of implementation: Brazil, Colombia


Key dates:
Oct 2015–Feb 2016: Design phase and co-creation
Feb–Jul 2016: Development of the prototype
Aug–Oct 2016: Testing
Jan–Apr 2017: Development of version 2.0
May 2017 (anticipated): Launch on GooglePlay and Apple


  • Financial capacity building of youth aged 16 to 24.



Co-creation; Information Communications Technology (ICTs) and gamification (the use of game elements, techniques and dynamics in non-recreational activities) as a way to build financial skills in a fun and accessible manner.


Version 1.0 of EduChef has been developed and is available on the App Store and Google Play, with over 300 downloads primarily in Colombia and Brazil; 75% of users are between 18 and 24 years of age.


Key partners:
SWIFT, Citi Foundation


Phase: Design