DINDIN QUIZ - Fundación Capital
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DinDin Quiz is an application designed to build financial capabilities among young people. It consists of a set of test questions that helps players of the game evaluate and improve their financial literacy around four different themes: consumer awareness, investment and saving, the financial system, and planning and budgeting. The app allows users to connect to social media so that they can reach out to friends and start friendly competitions between several players. Players also have the option to create campaigns with rewards, invite other players, and set challenges, thereby stimulating competition and learning.


Countries of implementation: Brazil, Colombia


Key dates:
Nov 2015: Start
Jun 2016: Completion of design phase
Aug 2016: Test phase
Sep 2016: Improvements
Dec 2016: Launch


To evaluate and build financial capabilities among young people.


Information Communications Technology (ICTs) and gamification (the use of game elements, techniques and dynamics in non-recreational activities) as a way to teach complex subjects in a fun and accessible manner.


The application is now ready to be tested. In its first phase, an expected 1,250 young people will participate, while a scale up is expected to take the app to secondary schools in Brazil in the second phase.


Key partners: SWIFT, Ford Foundation


Phase: Implementation of the pilot