DESAFIE - Fundación Capital
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DESAFIE is a free app for Android and IOS, jointly developed by Banco Fie and Fundación Capital to offer financial education for young people in Bolivia. Designed as a questions and answers game, it allows to quickly learn financial concepts, improve personal finance management and smooth consumption. The purpose is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and help them visualize the importance of financial education in their life project.


DESAFIE sets its roots in another of our digital solutions: Din Din Quiz, a Portuguese-language app developed by and for young people in Brazil. Din Din and DESAFIE share their focus on gamification, that is, to offer educational content in a playful and interactive way, allowing youth to play online or offline. The app allows individual and team play, and participants can randomly select other players or invite their Facebook friends. The questions are divided into four different categories: consumption, savings, budget and financial system.


Countries of implementation: Bolivia.


Key dates: Launching 22nd October 2017.


Methodology: gamification, edutainment.


Key partners: Banco FIE


Current project phase: Testing phase.


Related projects: DinDin Quiz