APPTITUDE - Fundación Capital
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APPtitude is an application designed to offer a complete e-coaching system to help families living in extreme poverty develop entrepreneurial activities, with the goal of increasing their assets and thereby reducing their vulnerability. It is a digital tablet application that teaches complex material in a simple, interactive and fun way, and is focused on concepts related to financial education, life skills and entrepreneurship. Through stories and activities, and with individual support offered by facilitators who are also members of the community, participants are trained and empowered to make their business ideas a reality.

Countries of implementation: Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, and Honduras.


Key dates:

  • 2015. Design
  • January 2016. First version of APPtitude pilot in Paraguay
  • May 2016. First version of APPtitude pilot in Colombia
  • September 2016. First version of APPtitude pilot in Mexico
  • 2017. First version of APPtitude in Honduras


Goals: The goal of APPtitude is to offer a digital training tool that combines entertainment with education (edutainment), as a training strategy for rural families living in extreme poverty.



  • ICTs and gamification (the use of game elements, techniques, and dynamics in non-recreational activities) as a way to teach complex subjects in a fun and accessible manner.
  • Familiarization with the technology and reinforcement of learning through encouragement.


APPtitude is enabling the training of 11,000 families in Paraguay, more than 14,000 families in Colombia and 400 families in Mexico. The application is currently available in Spanish and Guarani.


Key partners: Ford Foundation, Governments of Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay


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