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 Our app testing with youth in Paraguay showed that they would like to learn in an innovative, digital and fun way.
We want to promote financial capabilities of youth in Paraguay, specially in urban areas of the country. For that, we started testing some of our digital tools with them, so that we could get to know the degree of acceptance that these solutions may have in Paraguay. These digital solutions had been previously used with success in some other countries of the region, and they incorporate the concept of edutainment (education and entertainment).

On July 21st we gathered young people aged 15 to 18 from 5 national schools from the capital district and the central department together. We generated a space of encounter and exchange in which to collect ideas and impressions about our digital solutions Din Din Quiz and ‘Tonces!. These apps focus on reinforcing financial knowledge and provide professional and vocational orientation, respectively. Thanks to this workshop, we were able to understand how young people use their smartphones and social media channels, and how they manage their free time.

The participants highlighted that DinDin Quiz helped them refresh some financial education concepts that they had already learned, and they also gained awareness about other daily topics that are very helpful for them, like, for example, effective and responsible consumption (one of the 4 different categories that the game addresses). In addition, they showed their enthusiasm about the possibility of sharing their achievements through social medial and inviting friends to download the game.

With regards to ‘Tonces!, the students were amazed by the ability of the app to identify their capabilities and profiles about vocational orientation. They pointed out that ‘Tonces! gave them the opportunity to get to know themselves better and evaluate their options after school.

Young people valued both tools, giving us interesting ideas to keep improving our apps, and they were thankful for the opportunity of being listened to and being able to express their opinions about new education methodologies. They also requested that we keep them in mind when we start validation or implementation of these initiatives in Paraguay.

We approached youth to learn their opinion and take their experience into account. We are happy with the results and we hope to be able to continue working with them and for them, developing and adapting digital solutions that help them become economic citizens.

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