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The second implementation phase of our educational digital game has started.

The second implementation phase of Guardianes del Ahorro (Guardians of Savings) started thanks to an alliance with SWIFT, aiming to promote the financial inclusion of households participating in PROSPERA, the government’s program for social inclusion.

This new alliance consolidates the growth of Guardianes del Ahorro, our educational digital game intended for children aged 8 to 10. With this game, the children can discover the possibilities of savings, learn how to control their expenses, establish collective goals, and raise their awareness about environmental issues. The “Guardianes del Ahorro” app is preinstalled in digital tablets that work even without Internet connection, and the methodology is complemented with the use of a notebook in which the children, under the supervision of a tutor, complete activities related with the app.

Thanks to SWIFT’s support, we’ve been able to develop the software, including a front-end based on an already developed prototype, and a back-end enabling us to compile users data for analysis. In particular, it gathers information about the number of trained children, disaggregated by gender, and some information about their financial behaviour, such as their savings goals. In addition, and to reach a better user experience, the game dynamics have been improved, the duration of the explanatory instructions has been reduced, the screen buttons have been standardized, new sounds have been introduced and two game mechanics have been adapted. A new game has also been included. It tries to make children aware that to achieve goals, money is not the only important thing, that it is also necessary to be able to share, to make a good use of time, and to be determined and responsible.

Those needs were identified during an analysis carried out in September of 2016 with 58 children who benefit from PROSPERA in the mexican states of Morelos and Tlaxcala. The analysis also revealed that the children were used to interaction with new technologies, that they have good digital skills, and that they have access to digital games.

The alliance with SWIFT has also facilitated the preparation for the implementation phase in recipient households of PROSPERA, which will take place during July and August. The objective of this joint effort with PROSPERA is to strengthen the abilities of households with contents that promote financial literacy and are adapted to the different members of the family. For this, Guardianes del Ahorro is being delivered on the same digital tablets on which our LISTA Initiative is already installed. These devices will rotate and reach 1,000 participant households, and the family members will have the opportunity to play and enjoy the tablets for 2 whole days in the comfort of their homes This will promote their use by all the family members.

In this post, we’d like to thank SWIFT and PROSPERA for their commitment with the development of financial capabilities among vulnerable Mexican children and their families.

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