Skills for a way forward


Working closely with public and private sector partners, this division encourages entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and asset building as a means to strengthen vulnerable communities. Our efforts are centered on inclusive solutions, so that those affected by conflict can rebuild their lives and the social fabric of their communities. 


Fundación Capital is strongly committed to supporting the efforts to build a more peaceful Colombia.


Our current post-conflict development initiatives include:

Transforming My Future

Transforming My Future is an initiative of Colombia’s Unit for Attention and Reparations of Victims. It consists of strengthening the productive activities of victims of Colombia’s armed conflict, by helping them make use of the reparations payments they are currently receiving as part of a framework policy to begin healing the wounds of the country’s decades-old internal conflict. Through personalized attention and the use of digital technology, Fundación Capital helps participants support their life plans, open their own businesses, and use these payments to create sustainable paths towards a better life.

Safe Step Forward

Safe step forward for Victims in Colombia looks to include victims of armed conflict in the financial system by helping them to receive reparations payments directly into savings accounts. The project also works to offer access to financial products and services to these populations, allowing them to save, invest, and ultimately administer their resources more securely. The final goal is to strengthen the life plan of victims of armed conflict and their families, by supporting investments in their future.


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