Technology for social impact


The Fundación Capital Digital Solutions Department designs, develops and implements scalable and sustainable Information Communications Technology (ICT) based methodologies to help achieve financial inclusion and economic citizenship at scale. These initiatives reach low-income individuals and their families with targeted, personalized and UX design tools that will help build their assets, increase their financial literacy and capabilities, and support them as they transition out of poverty. These tools also help to improve quality, increase scale and reduce the implementation costs of disseminating programs.


The Digital Solutions Department works with our divisions to envision technologies that support their work and bringing these ideas to life. To date, we have developed unique initiatives that have reached over 100,000 people across five countries.



LISTA Initiative

LISTA offers cost-effective and scalable ICT-based solutions for providing information and increasing the financial capabilities of low-income individuals and their families. Designed as an alternative to in-person financial education, the LISTA Initiative combines an innovative tablet-based app  with a peer-to-peer education methodology, to promote financial capabilities and inclusion at the base of the pyramid. The award-winning LISTA app was piloted in Colombia in 2012, and has since been adopted into public policy for CCT recipients in Colombia. It is also being implemented in Brazil, and will be used in Mexico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.


LittleBigMoney (LBM) is a crowdfunding platform designed to help entrepreneurs access startup capital. By the end of 2015 the platform had hosted 177 micro and small enterprises in Colombia, with 133 successfully receiving the capital they needed to increase their productivity. The biggest crowdfunding platform in Colombia, LBM has worked with partners like; UNDP, ANSPE (Colombia government agency), RCN (One of the most famous media company in Colombia), Bavaria Foundation (SABMiller CSR) and Impact HUB – Bogotá. Through partnerships LBM is leading massive crowdfunding campaigns that work with social entrepreneurs, microentrepreneurs and grassroots organizations.


APPtitude is designed as an e-coaching system that helps families living in extreme poverty develop economic endeavors, in order to increase their assets and reduce their vulnerability. It is a tablet-based application that teaches complex content in an simple, interactive, and entertaining way, focusing on financial education, life-skills and entrepreneurship modules. Through stories, activities, and one-on-one support by community-based tutors, users are trained and empowered to create their own small business. APPtitude is currently being used in Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico.

San Luís Tolima 11

Our e-learning courses support rural entrepreneurship and the training-of-trainers via self-guided courses that include capacitation, guidance of a course mentor, and spaces for the interaction of participants. Courses are modular and can be taken at any time and place with connectivity. Tutors are available throughout to answer questions and grade, and monitor student’s progress, and the courses are also designed to encourage the exchange of best practices among students. The three pilot e-learning courses launched in 2015 have reached over 500 program mentors across Colombia as part of our work to facilitate high quality training, and additional courses designed for program beneficiaries are under development.


Some of our newest projects focus on edutainment for children and young adults. These initiatives include:


  • An in-school game that facilitates financial education with children in primary and secondary school in Bolivia.


  • Downloadable smartphone apps for teenagers in Brazil and Colombia, including an app that uses the challenges of running a food-truck to build money management skills and help young people feel comfortable with and confident in interacting with financial institutions. The app also creates a personal space for participants to express their savings goals, and supports them with guidance and motivation on how to reach them.

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