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Los pasados días 4 y 5 de julio, con el apoyo de las municipalidades de Choré, Carayaó y Capiibary, se celebraron sendos eventos, uno en cada uno de los tres distritos de implementación del proyecto, para celebrar el cumplimiento de todas las etapas del programa “Sembrando Oportunidades Familia por Familia” (Sowing Opportunities Family by Family) por parte de las familias participantes.

In addition to celebrating this great achievement, these sessions aimed to motivate families to plan new goals and fulfil new dreams, now that they have proven capable of moving forward and working to improve their well-being.

These events were carried out with the support and participation provided by municipal local authorities and the presence and collaboration of personnel from the Secretaría Técnica de Planificación and AECID Paraguay, as well as the whole team of Fundación Capital Paraguay, who supported the adaptation of the program’s methodology and its implementation.

But the highlight of the celebrations were the testimonies of key actors in the process: participant families who, through their effort, commitment and work, achieved all the stages of the program, and public servants who supported and trained the families during the whole process.

It was with great emotion that the participants narrated the impact the program had in their lives. 36 year old Olga Cácereslives in a rural community in Carayaó District with her 5 sons. She explained that she was compelled to work outside the house and even travel to other countries to be able to help with household expenses and her children’s education. Thanks to the program, she now has a cow and has been able to establish her own cheese selling business at home. She also participates in the local producers fair and she’s president of the savings group of her community. She told us that she has already achieved many of her dreams and that makes her very happy. Her next goal is to buy one more cow to increase her production and sales.


Another very emotional testimony was that of public servants in charge of tracking and training the families. All of them were very thankful for the shared trust of the implementing organizations and the participating families. They also valued the experience of helping people in their own districts, which strengthens their leadership and their capacity of playing an active role in the development of the communities.

After 18 months of training and the program’s implementation among rural families in situations of poverty, the delivery of certificates of “graduation” recognizes a beautiful process that included periodic training, face-to-face workshops, investment in businesses and participation in commercial fairs, savings groups and other development opportunities. Congrats to all the families!

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